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Europe Trip 2008 中欧行

柳兰对欧洲的向往始于她高中时读的小人书版《希腊神话》,大学时读荷马史诗更加加深了柳兰对欧洲文化的迷恋,那种自由的心灵,与自然无限接近的艺术和美,都让她神往。但是直到今年才实现了前往欧洲的愿望,本来想从希腊开始,走意大利,去法国,看看那些历史走过的轨迹, 由于季节和时间的关系, 我们最后选择了中欧几国,并将欧洲分成了5个大块,打算分不同的时间去体验。这次我们去过的地方是:巴黎,布鲁塞尔,阿姆斯特丹,柏林,慕尼黑,菲森,维尔茨堡,罗滕堡和萨尔茨堡。柳兰的个人的博客里将连续记载她的杂记,欢迎阅读。

Catherine’s fascination with Europe began in high school when she read comics about Greek mythology, and strengthened when she read Homer’s epics in college. She was attracted by the free spirit and the beauty and art so close to nature. But she wasn’t able to realize her dream of traveling to Europe until this year. Originally, she wanted to start from Greece, then Italy, then France, to follow the path of history, but because it’s hot in the summer and time was limited, we finally chose a few countries in central Europe. Catherine has divided Europe into five parts and plans to visit them all in coming years. On this trip we went to Paris, Brussuls, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Füssen, Würzburg, Rothenburg, and Salzburg. Catherine will be writing some travel articles on her personal blog (in Chinese), and you’re welcome to read them and share your feelings.